Information about operation of Cryptomator

Dear boys,
I’m opening this topic because I would like to have information on how Cryptomator works.
Maybe this is a silly question, but I only learned about cryptomator a few weeks ago.
If I use cloud services (iCloud, MEGA, Dropbox, Google Drive) and I have created a Cryptomator vault in a specific sync folder on my pc, do I need to have the same free space on my pc? Because Mega automatically syncs all files inside the folder.
So, the vault is in sync but still takes up a large amount of space on my PC.
Would you please help me understand the operation? Maybe there are differences between the cloud services? Between MEGA and Google Drive / Dropbox
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Here we go:

Yes, if your cloud storage does not provide a file-on-demand function. Cryptomator Desktop does not sync or connect to your cloud storage. this is done with the cloud storage sync app. If you want to have your files online only, read this: How do I use Cryptomator without local sync?

No there are not, as Cryptomator desktop does not connect to any cloud service.
Note: the mobile apps do connect directly to the cloud and thus need a supported interface. as MEGA does not offer WebDAV connection, and their API is not implemented in the mobile apps, you cannot connect to MEGA with mobile apps atm.

Maybe I’m missing something or maybe something’s changed along the way, but…

I actually have two cryptomator vaults assocaited with windows 10 pc which work directly off the cloud with none of the files on local hard drive / storage, and no cyberduck. I do it with google drive (including the google drive desktop app installed on my pc) and MS onedrive (which comes with the equivalent of their old desktop app now built into Windows 10). Those two cloud provider applications each provide a virtual drive in my file explorer (analogous to how cryptomator provides a virtual drive). I can access those virtual drives from any application, including cyrptomator. When setting up my cryptomator vaults, I just went to the virtual drive instead of my hard drive. It seems to be working fine.

And both of them offer file-on-demand. :). That’s why you do not need to have all files actually on your local hard drive. The sync client manages that the files that are actually needed available.

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ok, thanks I see now that’s what you said “Yes, if your cloud storage does not provide a file-on-demand function.”

Dear Michael,
thank you for the quick response.
In your experience, is it possible to use MEGA with this configuration?

No, the MEGA Sync client does not offer files on demand function.
If you have enough free space to sync all your files local, then you can use cryptomator with MEGA on your desktop, but not with the cryptomator mobile apps.

So, only iCloud - Dropbox and maybe Drive/OneDrive, support this feature?

I doubt that these are the only ones with file on demand function. But I am not aware of a list or something that shows which provider has which functions.

I am currently using iCloud or MEGA for backup, I don’t like other clouds and Tresorit is so expensive (:joy:) but in the future I plan to use it. I tried using Cryptomator on the NAS as well, creating a primary vault and it works.