Using cryptomator on mobile


I want to stop using my phones local storage for files ljke pdfs and pictures.

I want to encrypt before upload to cloud

How can i do this with cryotomator. It looks like it doesnt work with mega and backblaze. What provider should i use if i dont want drop box , box or gdrive?

Please keep in mind that the camera roll is system integrated and the vault is not.
So you can not encrypt your photos directly in a vault.
Photos are always stored in the camera roll first.
For Android you can automatically add new photos from your camera roll to a vault, in iOS this feature is not jet implemented.

No, the mobile apps do not work with mega (see here).
But as far as I can read in this board, backblaze should work, at least for android (see here)

Any provider that offers a WebDAV interface, or one of the native supported ones.