Does anyone have any free S3 providers working with Cryptomator?

I am having trouble with various S3 providers… Does anyone have any of these working on Android using the providers’ free tier?

IDrive e2
Scaleway (I’m waiting for the credit card authorization which is needed even for free use)
Storj (I think you can only create encrypted buckets so this one won’t work)

Backblaze and Scaleway should work. Special is that you need to give “Allow List All Bucket Names" scope permission. Regarding Backblaze maybe this helps:

Thanks! I just emailed you a log file. Backblaze has an authentication error. But the same exact configuration works in iOS. In iOS it worked with “https://” in the endpoint. Without that the app force-closed. In Android I tried it with and without, and had the same error message. The log file was sent without using “https://” since that’s how your screenshot is in the other thread.

Hi Julian,
Did you get a chance to review the log file I emailed? Backblaze works on iOS but not Android.