Storj Experience

Lured by 150 GB of free storage and beeing curious because of this post

I gave Storj a shot.

So far I have problems.
It is my first ever experience with “Buckets” and “S3”, but even without experience the setup was doable.
As they do encrypt everything by them self, you have to take care that you always use the same passphrase for every bucket and every connection/user. Otherwise your cryptomator app cannot see what you have uploded via browser or FTP or cyberduck. If every connection uses the same passphrase, then it works for me.
Of course you can also have multiple connections to several buckets and use different passphrases if you want to set up some kind of access rights management, but in my case I just wanted to have multiple vaults I can access from multiple devices (all run by me, no need for different access rights).
I use cyberduck with an S3 connection for syncing the local vault files to storj. I also tried FTP with Filezilla, but this is way to slow.
For mobile access I use cryptomator iOS, but I assume Android should work as well.
Of course I cannot say anything about stability.

Hope this helps others.