Cryptomator Roadmap Early 2018

Since it is understandable that not all of our users can track all development activities on GitHub, I would like to write a few paragraphs here about the technical updates that are planned for Cryptomator in 2018 and their impact on usage.

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Thanks for working with Fuss integration. It’s imperative for Ubuntu & other linux distros :clap:

Thanks for this post. I like it when developers communicate openly. Yes, please give us constant information about milestones, new features and so an :smiley:

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Sounds pretty good to me. How’s the Google-Drive offline operation in Android going on?
Hört sich alles sehr gut an. Wie geht es mit Google-Drive Offline-Betrieb in Android voran?
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Please continue these write-ups, thanks!

Write-ups are always a good thing, especially when users have questions about what the developers are currently focus on, which reduces complaints.

I can’t wait for the FUSE integration. Then finally the annoying problem with the file size, which is known to cause Windows WebDAV, should be solves.

I would be happy if there could be such previews also for the Android and iOS app.

At this point I would like to thank you for the great product. I’m very happy with it. Finally, I can safely use online storage for backups without paying monthly extra fees.

I like the info. Thank you

Two questions:

  1. Will there still be an Android version supporting 32bit?

  2. Will the fuse support end up in disabling of WebDAV?

I need both: 32bit and webdav in Windows and Android :frowning:

I must tell out that ALMOST all windows atom tablets are running 32bit win10 even they have 64bit cpu. due to the uefi problem (alike).

As the author say 1.3.x will be compatible with 1.4.x, i am pretty sure i have to stay in 1.3.x.

i got 2 32bit win10 atom tablet.
mobile device are like that.

Ich teste Cryptomator nun schon ein paar Tage und stelle fest, dass ich doch sehr auf die Implementierung von FUSE-basierten Laufwerken warte.
Gibt es für die Version 1.4 nun schon ein Veröffentlichungsdatum? Oder gibt es bereits eine Vorabversion (konnte ich bisher leider nicht finden).

@overheadhunter meinte in diesem Post vor 10 Tagen, dass es noch “ein paar Wochen” bis zur Beta dauern wird.
Ein genaues Datum für das 1.4 Release wurde meines Wissens bisher nicht veröffentlicht.

Hi Folks,
When is the fuse enabled 1.4.0 beta coming out?

I have macOS High Sierra 10.13.3 and opening a document with LibreOffice and then a minute later having to click “Lock Vault” then “Unlock Vault” to save the document is become very tedious.

I bought the Android client and don’t want to ditch it because of this annoying bug, but I don’t think I can wait for months.

Regarding the Android client. It needs a setting to keep the vault open for an arbitrary length of time, I feel like I’m in a race with the lock vault count down timer all the time.

I’ve moved to Cryptomator from Boxcryptor classic because it no longer worked with Android. On Mac I used EncFS on mac and fuse always worked well and reliably so this (fuse support) is a good move I feel.

Thanks to the developers.


Just wanted to say I’m also eagerly waiting for the FUSE integration. I’m switching from Windows + Drive File Stream + Boxcryptor to Linux + Drive Ocamlfuse + Cryptomator.

You guys are awesome! :slight_smile:

Currently running the Snapshot. Holy crap, the FUSE option is fast. It’s possible i’m imagining it, but it seems so much faster than the WebDAV option (and it doesn’t disconnect on macOS High Sierra). I’ve donated twice on this software. When the FUSE enabled version comes out, I’ll do it again.


Today we released our first beta of 1.4.0, which brings FUSE support to macOS and Linux.

If you experience any issues, please report them (check if it has already been reported first) and tell us what software version (including macOS version, involved applications, etc) you’re using.

:warning: This is a beta version! Make backups and don’t use this version for production data. :warning:

A build for Windows will follow, but we are experiencing some difficulties: Currently you can unlock a vault just one single time with FUSE / WinFSP, then you’d need to restart the application. Sadly, solving this issue will still take a while. Please be patient! It is, however, our highest priority to bring WebDAV alternatives to all three platforms.

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so, 1.4.0 versions only have 64bit version right?


Correct! Sadly the technologies we rely on dropped 32bit. But 1.3.x 32bit will stay compatible to 1.4.0!

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I am running the AppImage version on Debian Testing (Buster). With all of five minutes worth of use, it looks very good. The non-FUSE version has been inconvenient for me: accessing files with LibreOffice Calc and Gnucash, I experience frequent freezes of these applications. Kill does not work. I have to log out of my account on the machine and log in to get the applications to quit.

For me, with a few minutes use, it already seems like a better prospect for ‘production’ than the standard product.

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