Cryptomator Roadmap Early 2018


I am running the AppImage version on Debian Testing (Buster). With all of five minutes worth of use, it looks very good. The non-FUSE version has been inconvenient for me: accessing files with LibreOffice Calc and Gnucash, I experience frequent freezes of these applications. Kill does not work. I have to log out of my account on the machine and log in to get the applications to quit.

For me, with a few minutes use, it already seems like a better prospect for ‘production’ than the standard product.


Can anyone help me find the mount point on my system?

I am also using a Java-based accounts program that can only see the raw files/folders [no FUSE drive] on my computer, and I cannot find the FUSE mount at the ‘/’ level.

[Edit: found it in a directory called .Cryptomator in my home directory]


I’ve tried the beta appimage on Ubuntu 16.04 but if I try to open a LibreOffice base document in the Fuse drive (/home/user/.Cryptomator/WorkaroundS0hTQka6RhCa/database.odb) I get a permissions error (“Access to was denied”).
It works fine with a .pdf file but not with LibreOffice documents: if I use “reveal drive” I can copy and paste a document into the drive but then can’t open it, either from Nautilus or even from the drive.

If I try to open the a .odb file from LibreOffice Base I get a ‘could not read the contents of .Cryptomator’ error - permission denied.

I don’t have any technical knowledge, so unless you can explain a solution very simply (or ask me for more information) could you at least say whether I’m the only one with this problem, and if not, is a fix on the horizon? I was hopeful that FUSE would fix the LibreOffice problem, which is preventing me from using Cryptomator.


Not sure if it’s of any help but I just created a new database and copied it over to my Cryptomator drive. I can open and save without any problems.
I wasn’t able to open any documents with LibreOffice and Cryptomator 1.3 but since I switched to the beta things work as expected.

  • Kubuntu 18.04
  • Cryptomator 1.4 beta appimage


@tz06 I think @peterleerental was able to resolve the problem, as he wrote on GitHub.


I can’t wait for a final version with FUSE. Many thanks to the original devs and all the community around this great App!


Any news on the FUSE integration on Windows?

I would love to switch to Linux but currently i have alls my files encrypted with Boxcryptor and there is no Boxcryptor Version for Linux. So there is no nice way for me to transfer the BC files to a CM Vault cause most files are > 4 gb.
As soon as FUSE is here i’ll cancel my Boxcryptor subscription and of course pay some of the saved money for my cryptomator :slight_smile:

Thanks so far. Boxcryptor is awesome!


We ran into a major issue during the FUSE integration on Windows. That’s why we switched back to our initial plan to provide the virtual drive using Dokany. We’re very close to a Cryptomator 1.4.0-beta2 with Dokany support so stay tuned!