Copy a Cryptomator folder from the cloud to local storage and then open it offline


I know that the iOS App Doesn’t support offline files. BUT why can’t I just download my Cryptomator container from Google drive to my local internal iPhone storage and then open it with Cryptomator? When I do that I see the data and folders. But when I go then offline and want to open a file, it says it needs some internet connection and doesn’t open the file. But why? All the files are local. It’s the same when I copy it to an usb flash drive.
It seems that the iOS App thinks that the data is still in the cloud. but it’s not. You see it in the Cryptomator folder size. It’s the real data what is on my local storage.
Thanks for your hints.
Cheers Paul

When you say “download my Cryptomator container from Google Drive”, do you mean that you copied or moved the whole vault folder and all files to the iPhone and can access that folder in the Files app under “On My iPhone”? If so, did you try adding this local Vault in the Cryptomator app using Add Vault ("+" button on the app’s start screen) > Open Existing Vault > Other File Provider > Select Vault Folder > On My iPhone > navigate to the folder you downloaded your vault files to

This should allow you to open this downloaded copy of your vault that is stored in google drive, but changes wouldn’t sync with google drive (since it’s local files only you’re looking at). Please be aware of that and careful so that if you change a file, you don’t end up with 2 sets of files and different versions of the files in two places and for example lose track of where you made which change to a specific file (in google drive or locally).

The original vault you see in the app that you’ve set up using the google drive connection tries to connect to google drive when you try accessing it, hence the requirement that you’re online. This configuration doesn’t have any knowledge about the files you’ve downloaded to some folder on your iphone, so you have to add the local version as a second vault. These two stay separate and do not synchronize.