Can't Move Google Files into Vault

How are google files (docs, sheets, etc) moved into a vault?


Please read this:

I know the google files are links and not actual data. It seems prudent to place the links in a vault. If someone gets my google password, the links in the vault are not accessible.

Thank you

Attackers with access to your Google account don’t necessarily need the link, as they can still access “recently opened files” via the respective docs/sheets/… apps.

That said, if you see any personal benefit from it, you can of course copy such files into a vault just as any other file.

That is a great point, thank you!

Thinking more about the situation, I would like to place links into my vault. But I get an “Invalid MS-DOS Function” error when copy/pasting or drag/drop on my PC. I’m do not understand what needs to be done.


Are we still talking about *.gsheet files and the like or is this question about actual file system symlinks?

It is gsheets links that I want to move into my vault.

Is moving google docs links into a vault possible?


Are there any suggestions or directions for moving the google docs links into a vault? I can’t drag and drop the links or cut/paste.


that’s actually not possible (upstream bug as far as I understand)