Encrypting Google Sheets

Hi, I use google sheets for spreadsheet work and store them in google drive. I was wondering if I encrypt the google sheets with cryptomator will they be truly encrypted?. I have read somewhere that because google sheets are stored on-line all you do is encrypt the link and not the file?. Also if it does encrypt the file can I edit them ‘on the fly’ within cryptomator? Thanks for the advice.

No they wont because the actual data is not on your local system but on google drive. You can see that if you open a gsheet document locally with a text editor. Then you see its just a link.
If you move that gsheet document into a cryptomator vault, you are just moving the link. The actual file with the information in it will stay unencrypted at google. No you cannot move that “file”. Google does always only provide the link.

I am not aware that googles documents can be end-to-end encrypted at all.

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