Can't access Google drive with advanced protection from iPhone

I’m enrolled in Google advanced protection program.

I am able to access my vault on Google drive from PC using Cryptomator app, but when I try from my iPhone to “add a new vault” then point to Google drive, it tells me its not allowed. So I can’t access my files from iPhone.

Google writes on their website, that it does block most third party apps from accessing gdrive if the advanced protection is enabled.
There was a workaround but based on user feedback this seems not to work anymore.
So I am afraid there is no way so far. Please anyone correct me if I am wrong.

This doesn’t make sense. Why can I access the vault via my PC using the Cryptomator App but not on mobile…

Because the mobile app connects directly to your google drive, but the desktop app doesn’t.
On your PC you do not access a vault stored on gdrive. You access a vault that has been synced by the gdrive app with your local storage. And beyond that, how do you expect cryptomator desktop to establish a connection to your google drive without having any login information?

Thank you Michael,

I appreciate your help :slight_smile:

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