After update directory listings in vault differ when accessing from ios and win 10


since I updated IOS Crytomator app und win 10 Crytomator app contents of the same vault seem to differ.

If I have uploaded files from the iPhone to the vault, I can’t access them by the win 10 pc and vice versa.

Things happened to work fine before the update to the latest versions.

Please help.

Thanks in advane

I have a similar problem. I put files into my vault on Windows 10, sync them to another HDD. When I open the vault on Linux, the vault seems to be empty.

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when you say you cannot access the files on the other device, do you mean these files are not visible or are present but not useable (e.g. for opening, renaming, etc) ?

Please ensure that your cloud is fully synced. We had several reports specifically to iCloud (e.g. this or that one) that some directories were not uploaded to the cloud.

You can test this by unlocking your vault and place a file in a not synced directory inside the vault. iCloud should provide a view on the most recently synced files, therefore you can check if the encrypted version got uploaded. Additionally check if the encrypted file is present on the other devices.

As you probably assumed, problems were caused due to improper icloud-synchronisation.

For getting things done I had to restart the ios devices.

Thank you very much for your support.

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