Problem with iCloud Drive

I’ve ran into a problem with iCloud Drive, where after the sync, the mounted container only shows partial directories. I.e. I had a number of directories inside the vault. XX number of files in the resulting CM directory in iCloud Drive (unmounted). After the sync, the number of files inside the iCloud Drive on my desktop = the number of files shown on = the number of files on my mobile devices and laptop, however when mounted on the laptop or iPhone, only about half of the encrypted files and directories are shown, vs what’s on my desktop.

I.e.(the actual numbers are made up):

Desktop has 12 directories inside CM vault, when mounted,

CM directory has 3000 files when unmounted.

Laptop, after sync, has 3000 files when unmounted, but only 5 directories when mounted.

Has this happened to anyone else and is there a workaround ? I’d rather use iCloud Drive than Dropbox, if I can.

Hm, is it possible that you have “Optimize Mac Storage” enabled? You can find that option in “System Preferences -> iCloud -> iCloud Drive”. I’d recommend to disable it because the data has to be fully available in order to decrypt them. If it’s already disabled, could you please look inside the log file if there are any errors?

I must admit that it doesn’t really explain why the directories are also missing on iOS. Maybe the files just haven’t been fully uploaded yet from your initial device?

I use iCloud for Windows. It must be my system acting up… I just wanted to know if that’s a known issue, looks like it isn’t. Thank you for replying.