Vault create with IOS 11 is not visible in icloud drive in Win10

I have create a vault on my iphone with the Cryptomator app. It syncs perfect to my ipad but it is not visible in icloud drive in win10.
if i create a vault in the icloud drive (path Cryptomator ) in win 10 with the Cryptomator program this path and content is visible on my iphone in the app “Dateien”, but i dont see this path / vault in the ios Cryptomator app.
Why i am not able to use the same vault in icloud drive (win 10) and on my ios devices?

Seems to me like an issue with the iCloud sync App for Win10, as your encrypted files obviously are stored correctly in the cloud and are available for other iOS devices.
Please check your application settings of the win app.

If the encrypted files are synced correctly, you should be able to access them via cryptomator on all available platforms (which includes the win desktop app)