Add a document provider to the Android app

Some Android apps, usually from cloud storage providers, implement an Android facility from the storage access framework called “document provider”. This allows other apps to query for content on that app that might not necessarily reside in the filesystem, and with more granular access control than if it were stored say, on an sdcard.

While cryptomator makes use of this feature to write and write to a vault, I couldn’t find an option to allow other apps to write to and read from a vault trough it.

I planned on using this app to backup my WhatsApp directory (with images, audio files, documents and messages) to a vault hosted on a cloud storage provider I don’t trust enough to give it all the content from my main im platform on plaintext, for this I’d configure synchronize ultimate to put everything on “/sdcard/WhatsApp/” to a vault managed by cryptomator, every day at 3am. Sadly this wasn’t possible, as cryptomator does not implement a document provider at the time of writing.

Please add this feature! I hope I made a strong enough case for the devs to consider implementing this in the future, I could try adding this feature myself, but iirc the source code for the app is not publicly available. Thanks for reading!

Hey and welcome in the community :smile:!

Thanks for this feature request. It is already tracked on Github and mentioned on our roadmap, which we are working through bit by bit.

So please stay tuned, it’ll be available!

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are there any news on this? The issue is open since 2017 and it’s on the roadmap for years, postponed again and again. In my opinion this is a really essential feature.

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I saw as well that this was once again delayed, this time to 1.9.0. It would have been nice if a comment was at least added to the issue to let people know why.

On the one hand, the complexity (and technical debt) of the app is growing and keeping the code base “up-to-date” is quite a large maintenance task. On the other hand, there were and still are more pressing issues that we have to prioritize.

We hear you and we understand your frustration. Postponing a feature isn’t easy for us either. We’re still making great progress with the Android app and are solving bugs and adding new features. When the time comes for the document provider, we will obviously be ecstatic to share the news. But until then, we’re doing our best to give you the best experience with Cryptomator across all platforms.

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This feature would be really nice to have

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