1.7.5 with Fuse-T still corrupts office files

Tested 1.7.5 on an M1 mac qith Fuse-t. → still corrupts office files.

With MacFuse seems to be ok.

Could you confirm which version of FUSE-T you are using? I can’t reproduce.

Mac Mini M2 Pro 13.3.1
Cryptomator 1.7.5
FUST-T 1.0.18
Office 365

Same question. Everything works fine without corruption of office files.

My environment:

  • Operating System: MacOS 13.3
  • Cryptomator: 1.7.5 (dmg-4000)
  • fuse-t 1.0.18
  • sshfs-1.0.1
  • apple m1
  • Cryptomatos Preferences: “Volume Type: FUSE-T”

Could you please describe step-by-step your scenario to reproduce the case?

Seems to happen won Word files… Excel seems to be ok. Saving to a NAS share

Creates all these folders with zero bytes then the original file gets destroyed

is there a command I can use to check the FUSE versions?

Are you installing FUSE-T with home brew? Else, it should be pretty obvious which version you installed manually. Recommend uninstalling FUSE-T then reinstalling the latest version if you aren’t sure which version you have. There’s a lot of known bugs in the older FUSE-T versions…you probably don’t want to be running an old version.

Edit. Looks like others are having the same issue with the latest FUSE-T.

When saving changes to .docx file multiple folders created, file lost

Edit 2: I can reproduce this with Word. Didn’t happen with Excel.

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I also have problems using Word from Office 365 with Cryptomator 1.7.5. - my system:

  • macOS 13.3
  • fuse-t 1.0.18
  • Mac Mini M2 Pro

Could you please fix it?!

Thank you all for your bug reports. We’re looking into it!

The current workaround is to downgrade to FUSE-T 1.0.14, which doesn’t have this issue, as far as I can tell.

I’ve installed Fuse-T 1.0.14 and can confirm that Word file is saving now. But some temp folders after saving remain that I can’t delete (mac says I have no permissions to delete these folders). Looks like it still works not as it supposed to.

I’ve described the bug here: Can't save new Microsoft Word file in vault · Issue #2858 · cryptomator/cryptomator · GitHub

By the way: Pages also often got problems when I try to save a document inside the vault (still using t-fuse 1.0.18 and Cryptomator 1.75).

any idead when the fix is going to be released?

FUSE-T 1.0.19 has been released and specifically addresses this issue: Release 1.0.19 Release · macos-fuse-t/fuse-t · GitHub


All is working good now! Tested on a Word file and working 100%

Many thanks for this!

I think I will stay on 1.6.x and macFUSE for some time longer :sweat_smile:

I still got problems on saving Pages documents with recent versions of Cryptomator and Fuse-T.
Microsoft Word documents do not cause problems any longer, but Pages documents still do. Could you please fix that? Pages is my word processing app no. 1.

@MacUelef Could you please elaborate on what doesn’t work? If it’s reproducible, please let us know the steps.

Not always but most of the time I get the attached error message … Sometimes the file is saved by choosing „Trotzdem sichern“, but sometimes this does not work.