Problems with latest update - 1.7.5

I am seeing very weird behaviour after updating to 1.7.5. I can access my vaults and files from the app but when I use File Explorer directly, it either doesn’t respond or is very, very slow. I have tried switching from WebDAV to WinFSP (local Drive) as suggested to other users having problems but it hasn’t helped. I now see a green bar under the drive icons (network drives) and one of the two vaults is showing twice. I get an error when I try to open any of those network drives from Windows Explorer – drive can’t be located. The vaults also show up as regular drives and can be accessed. If I reboot and open File Explorer without opening Cryptomator, it works fine. If I open the app, even without unlocking a vault, File Explorer doesn’t respond at all or is very slow.

I’ve made unencrypted copies of all my files to be on the safe side – very nervous about losing access permanently. I’m using Windows 11.

Please see: 1.7.5 with Fuse-T still corrupts office files - #10 by MacUelef

Already addressed

That doesn’t seem to match my issue. I don’t know what Fuse-T is and it isn’t installed on my PC, as far as I know.

Whatever the issue was, it has now disappeared. The network drives don’t appear in File Explorer, only the normal letter drives. And File Explorer is no longer hanging. So I guess the reason why this issue appeared and then magically disappeared will likely remain a mystery.