Yandex disk login troubles

Hello, I choose WebDAV, type and put my correct username with password. I constantly gen the same error: “WebDAV could not be authentificated”. What should I do to fix this?

UPD: It’s solved. I enabled 2fa and created app pasword for cryptomator. Now it works.

Hey and welcome to the Community :slightly_smiling_face:.

Can you please enable debug mode, reproduce the login and send us the log file?

I was too curious, just created a test account and it worked on my device…

Maybe you have enabled two-factor authentication? Often then the WebDAV login is blocked using your normal user password, then you need to setup an app password and use this one in the Cryptomator App.

No, I checked it. 2fa isn’t enabled

Reported by @clapclap : Enabling 2fa and setting an app password solved the problem.

It’s a bit strange maybe there was a typo in the password before but it should work also without enabling 2fa but it makes sense anyway to activate it :grin: