What to do with stray c9r file in Google Drive root

I found some c9r files in the root of my Google Drive.

So what happened? How could they have been saved there?
And how can I check what the files might contain?


Are you using the Android app and the auto photo upload?

If so, you can find more information here:

No - never used the Android version. I had found this thread, but my situation is different.

I’m using Windows desktop version with Dokany. Also I have a v7 vault from the beginning so I cannot use sanitizer to decrypt

Hmm then I have no idea why the files should end up in the root of the cloud other than the sync client has made a mistake…maybe @infeo has an idea?

Dang, that the issue with the photo upload was also my guess.

I don’t have any idea why there are some stray .c9r files in your google root. Are they reported in the file synchronization history somewhere?

Are you using Google Drive File Stream or Google Backup and Sync?

I’m using Google Backup and Sync.

There are about 12 files since june. With one exception in august (7 files at nearly the same time) there’s only one file per day.

Hard to say what I did then (reboot, wake) after such long time. Is there some moment where the encrypted folders are locked somehow?

I’d say I’ll just keep an eye on it - but it would be helpful to be able to decrypt the files. Any idea?

Edit: I just realized there are also two folders with files that I did’n see on my harddrive, cause new folders will not be synchronized. To my surprise there are files that are owned by another user with whome I share a folder.
So there’s either a bug in Backup and Sync, or they use the root as a last resort if they cannot write to the actual folders and this is caused by Cryptomantor.
if only I could have a look at the decrypted files - what’s the state of the new sanitizer?

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