Big .c9r file randomly in Google Drive root

Hey everyone,

so I just noticed a quite large (≈ 4GB) file that is in my Google Drives root folder and not in my vaults folder where it should be. The file appeared after I switched from IOS to Android and activated automatic picture/video upload.

What to do with stray c9r file in Google Drive root

Unexpected Files in root of Google Drive

I’ve found two threads about this but still don’t really understand how to solve this issue and not have it happen again. Can somebody please help?

Thanks in advance

From one of the linked threads:

Are you sharing the vault between multiple google accounts? If so, deleted shared files will be moved to your google drive root.

Hello, thanks for the response! No I do not which is why I don’t understand why the big .c9r file is in my Google Drive root. Do you know how I can fix this?