What are the custom mount flags?

Since version 1.4.12 Cryptomator supports custom mount flags for the FUSE and Dokany adapters to enable/disable features, giving the user a higher level of control. But what are the possible options and what do they do?

Because these options are part of the third party libraries, we will not list them and link directly to the sources. Below is a list of links where you can find the info:

I want to stress again that you use the custom mount flags at your own risk!

According to the FUSE on Mac wiki -olocal should be “treated as experimental and used with caution”. As far as I understand it is needed for spotlight indexing. So would you recommend not to use this flag and not use spotlight indexing? Search is essential to me, but I can’t risk data corruption. Any recommendation how to backup the data saved with Cryptomator? Use CCC to copy data to an external drive unencrypted?

At the moment, Spotlight indexing does not seem to be working even with the -olocal custom mount flag, see https://github.com/cryptomator/cryptomator/issues/937


I am using Cryptomator on macOS, and I am bashing my head over trying to force it not to pass “noexec” and “nosuid” to the mount point (this makes my life really hard). I tried passing in the “-oexec” flag as a mount option, but that seemingly did nothing at all.

I am not even sure which component in the system is responsible for setting noexec. Dokany doesn’t seem to have that option/flag, nor fuse… How can I force exec and suid to be enable, please?

Solved it. I did not have osxfuse installed in a way where Cryptomator would see it, and it was thus defaulting to WebDAV.

What i did is I used brew and installed brew cask install osxfuse and brw cask install cryptomator. Now I can finally use FUSE to mount the vault and I there’s no noexec there anymore :slight_smile:

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