Is FUSE really optional?

I am thinking of installing Cryptomator and try it out, but I am very skeptical of installing FUSE. So my question is, if FUSE is optional, what should I expect if I do not install it? I assume that if it is optional NOTHING will not work because FUSE is optional. So, what is the tangible impact of not using FUSE.

Yes it’s optional.
You should be aware that some function depend on fuse and are not longer available when not using it.
Like the custom mount point option.

Further more, WebDAV itself can only handle files up to 4GB size. So when using WebDAV as connector, you can only store files up to 4GB size in your vault.

Im not sure if it’s the same on Mac, but on windows there’s another WebDAV „speciality“.
The network drive that is created will be shown with the capacity of the system partition, although there’s more free space where your vault actual lies.

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This is afaik also only a Windows WebDAV Limitation. And since FUSE is only supported on Linux systems and macOS, this won’t be a problem there. But the moment you are also syncing to a windows OS, you need to consider this limitation.

Overall one can also say, that WebDAV is quite slow.

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Thank you for the clarifications!