Very large Cryptomator Logfiles in system folder "AppData/Roaming/Cryptomator"

My system drive is overfilled with Cryptomator.log files. The files get a size of nearly 40 GBytes. You can see that in attached file.
The Cryptomator vaults are not on the system drive. So the encrypted data is not on system drive.
The vaults are mounted as drives with their own drive letters.
I have to delete the logfiles manually every week. How can I avoid these large logfiles?
Why are they build up?
Actually I have to stop working with CM if I don’t find a solution.
Can you please help me?
Cryptomator Logfiles

Did you turn on debug mode? If yes, deactivate it and your log files shouldn’t get that large anymore.

No, the debug mode is not selected in the options.

In that case, I can’t think of any “normal” reason why the log file is that large then. Maybe it’s “spamming” warnings/errors? What is the content of the log file, is this something that you can determine?

Sorry for my late reply. Time is running.
I cannot see the content of the large log files anymore, because I deleted it to get my system partion work again.
I solved my problem by deleting CM.
For cloud encryption I use Boxcryptor now without any problems. It costs me 3,- Euros each month but it’s worth it. It is a little bit slower than CM was, but not to much. And it works fine with Android. Good things have a price.

Thank you for your help!