Vault size, desktop, resources of comuter?

question, vault size of cryptomator.
when the vault gets OPENED, is it just that the vault is UNOCKED by the computer, like a switch, and then the files inside get accessed
does the computer have to load an extensive amount of memory/headers, for a larger vault, compared to a smaller vault?

I want to create a 200gb vault, store in the cloud, use it as a secondary backup of my files, to be accessed by my LAPTOP computer (I don’t want them unencrypted in the cloud).
my alternative is just to use an SD card bitlocked (windows 11 pro), but the cloud/cryptomator would be easier.

bitlocker just turns switch and unlocks the SD card; i’d like to know if cryptomator does similar.


No, when you open a vault, the files are available local anyway. Other ways you could not open your vault. If the (encrypted) vault files are on-demand-files (means downloaded by the cloud storage app on demand), then there might be a little delay if a requested file has to be downloaded first in order to decrypt its content. But just because you unlock your vault means not a heavy load of file content.
Or in other words: the size of your vault should not affect the performance.

Thanks for reply.
two questions
IS there a way to FORCE the actual encrypted files to be IN THE CLOUD, and not on local computer? I have the vault as a backup reference, and i have a 150+ gig vault, and if it remains local, it is now taking up 150+ gig of space on my c: drive in notebook, and i am now at 420 of 500 gb used. I can afford lag time on this notebook, as it is my back up emergency operator, i need the 150gb FREE SPACE on my notebook instead of having the vault be local.

QUESTION #2, is there a way if i create vault on onedrive, to have the LOCAL version be on my d: drive instead of my c: drive? I can afford THAT space, i have a 2tb drive D in the desktop, but same situation, the vault is eating up my c: drive.
i want the vault in the cloud, but could afford the local file space to be on the d: drive

Not white cryptomator desktop as this app does not interact with your online storage at all.
You might be interested in this:

You can store your local vault wherever you want. Just select „custom location“ when creating the vault, or move an existing vault to a new directory.
But if you want to have that vault synced with an online storage, don’t forget to configure your sync client so that the new vault folder destination is included in the sync.