Vault Empty on Other Computer

Hi - I have limited computing skills.
I can access my file without issue on my OneDrive on my desktop where they are saved.
However, when I open the vault on my laptop, it shows up as being empty.

Would appreciate some clear instructions. I tried reinstalling the program on the laptop but it did not work.

Did you Sync all the vault files from OneDrive to your second pc?

Oh no I didn’t because I synched my entire photo collection. So it would take a lot of memory and time to download and make it available on the local drive if that’s is what you mean.

Yes this is what I mean. You need the vault files on your local machine on the second Computer to make it available for Cryptomator.
After the vault files have synced completely to your second pc, you open Cryptomator, select „open existing vault“ and select the masterkey file that is on the local machine.

You might want to watch a startup tutorial video:

Ok many thanks for your help^^

By the way, would installing cyber duck on my laptop get around the synching requirement?

Yes. See here.

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