Vault appears to be empty


(I try to write this in english even if it’s not my first language - I hope it’'s possible to understand my problem :wink: )

I’m using Cryptomator for windows, and I automatically sync my vaults with sciebo, a cloud service offered by various german universities. The two versions (the local one and the one in the cloud) seem to be identical. If I unlock the vault directly on the sciebo-server (via webdav or cyberduck) all my files are displayed - but if I open the local vault, it seems to be empty.

This phenomenon is relatively new, everything workes fine for severeal month. Also this is not happening with all my (seven) vaults - four are working perfectly, three show the behavior described above.

Any ideas anybody? Maybe a problem with different versions of cryptomator as I somtimes opened some of the vaults via webdav from a second computer (windows as well)?

Thank you for your help!


Have you looked inside the log file after unlocking the vault that seems to be empty? Are there any unusual error messages?