Using Cryptomator with Pcloud

Hi, I apologize for asking stupid questions, but I couldn’t find satisfying answers. First question: how exactly does Cryptomator work with cloud services like Pcloud? I created a vault named “My Vault” and chose my Pcloud folder as the location to store my encrypted files. A new folder appeared in my Pcloud named “My Vault”. A network drive also appeared on my computer. From what I understand, any files I move into the network drive will be automatically encrypted and uploaded to the “My Vault” folder in Pcloud. After I lock the vault, the connection is broken. If I add files directly to “My Vault” instead of adding them to the network drive, it won’t be encrypted. Additionally, I can decrypt and access the files in “My Vault” using Cryptomator on any computer, as long as I have Pcloud installed, and I have my vault password. Is that all correct?

Second question: file explorer shows the network drive as being 2/3 full, even though there’s nothing in it. Looking at its properties, the data usage amount matches my computer’s data usage (i.e. my computer’s SSD has 390/952GB left, and so does the network drive Cryptomator made). Why?

Edit: I found an answer to the second question. It seems like due to some weird decision by Microsoft, the network drive will reflect the computer’s drive’s data usage, though this is entirely cosmetic. Now I have a third question though. When I tried transferring a large file (~6gb) to it, it told me it can’t handle files that large. Apparently this is due to the same reason. I found this post (Windows: 4 GiB file size limit on virtual drive) that says I can use WinFsp to get around this. How do I use it with Crypotmator? Unfortunately, I’m not tech-savvy and have never used WinFsp or anything like it before.

Hi. Your first explanation is correct.

Regarding your second issue:
You are facing this:

I recommend switching to WinSFP.
To do that please

  1. close Cryptomator
  2. install WinSFP
  3. open Cryptomator
  4. go to settings of Cryptomator, select tab volume and switch the Dropdown from WebDAV to FUSE.

See also here: WinFSP: How to use it


Hi Michael,

Sorry for the late reply, and thank you so much for the response! Installing WinFSP easily fixed both of those issues. Have a good day!

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