-- Using Cryptomator for Backups?

  • Can we use Cryptomator for backups?

Example: I want to backup 1TB of files to the cloud, then after full encrypted and uploded, I remove those files from my PC locally, to save disk space = those files will no longer be synced.

Is that possible with Cryptomator?

Once we upload the whole vault to our cloud (ie, OneDrive), can we just delete the files in our PC (to save disk space)?

This way we have it as an encrypted backup online, but not in our PC


1 - This will keep the files encrypted in the cloud?

2 - Will I be able to decrypt those files whenever I download them again?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


My recommendation (see your other post):

To your questions:

  1. that depends on your sync client. Google drive for example will know that you deleted your files locally and will then delete them online as well
  2. yes. You can move your vault wherever you want. If you want to decryp it locally, just store the vault local and add it to Cryptomator app.
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Ok, thank you very much.

I use OneDrive, so I´m thinking about uploading the vault, then tell de OD desktop app to not sync that folder in my PC - then remove folder in my PC.

Hope that works :wink:


  • Whenever I want to re-open those files again, can I download some of the files to decrypt locally, or do I need to download the whole vault again in order to decrypt them?

As all file names are encrypted as well (and splitted), you cannot identify exactly the encrypted files one by one.
See here: https://docs.cryptomator.org/en/latest/security/architecture/

So technically there’s no need to have the complete vault local to unencrypted a dedicated file, but from the usability point of view I would say „yes“, the complete vault is needed to find a specific file with Cryptomator app.

Or as said you can use cyberduck to access your vault online and download only the file you want to have.

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Thanks for your answers, Michael, much appreciated :wink: