Using Backup tools with unencrypted vaults


Windows 11, CM 1.8.0

Making tests.

I have read thread Backing Up Unencrypted Vaults - #2 by MaxSverdlove as I have same problem type. I would like to copy a source folder to an unencrypted vault to later backup this vault (reencrypted) to backup destination. Following the instructions in forum thread, I was able to mount unencrypted vault into a folder (winfsp(local) and mount to empty folder).

I tried several tools :

-Syncback SE : backup definition OK, run backup gives message “drive : does not exist”
-Acronis : the mount folder is seen as a file, so it can be selected as source “file”, not as destination
-EaseUs Todo backup : selecting mount folder as destination gives error 7DB2B263

Thanks for help.

I tried EASE ToDo and opted out due to China. Acronis has a lot of fans but I recall some issues with it but its a favorite among many. Macrium has a free option (and you can get a good deal if you wait for Black Friday sale if you need other options.) Great support too.

FWIW - I backup to an external drive that is Bitlocker secured. My backups are still not unencrypted per se, they are in Macrium format (.mrbak).

With Syncback SE you must use the NE (non-elevated) version. Not available in free version.

Thanks, I do not use the free version but the paid one. I shall try the NE version (if I find the parameter !)…

It’s a separate exe installed with the latest versions.

Thanks Henry,

It works with NE.

I think there’s one thing to consider if you choose to mount to a directory vs a cloud service, and that is all your encrypted files and unencrypted ones stay on the same drive, correct? So you don;t really get the benefit of cloud storage, just a local vault.

Am I correct?

The vault will be locked and then saved with backup tools to other destinations (cloud/NAS/Local). Vault is just a temporary storage for the original files.

I also tested SyncbackSE compress/AES encrypt and it worked : I was able to unencrypt and use files from backups (from an Andoid phone too). I probably shall keep this solution as it is more simple.