Using a CM decrypted folder as backup source for Acronis gives access blocked error

Hi, I’m new to the forum and apricate any help and suggestions.
(Windows 11 - CM 1.13.0 - Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office 2024)
I have read through Backing Up Unencrypted Vaults and Using Backup tools with unencrypted vaults but can’t find a solution to my issue with Acronis.
My CM volume type is WinFsp (Local Drive) and works well. I can see the mounted folder containing my files when the vault is open and it’s empty when vault is locked.
In Acronis I can see the folder and select it as my “source”, backing up to a destination folder on an external HDD. So far all good, but when I run my Acronis backup, I get this error:
Failed to back up file or folder ‘\?\D:\Cryptotest’. It may be blocked by another application.
This is when the vault is opened. When it is locked, the backup works OK, but then the folder is empty which is of no use.
Seems like CM has a lock on the folder barring Acronis to access it. Any ideas how to get around this? Or other ways to be able to back up my decrypted vaults using Acronis or any other backup tool that works well with CM?

I am using Personal Backup to do all my backups from/to files in the vault and syncs of encrypted vault files to sftp automatically.
Never had an issue that a virtual vault drive or folder is not reachable for the backup program.

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Thanks Michael. Had not heard of Personal Backup before but had a look and it seems quite promising, and good to know you have not had any issues using it with CM. I’ll give it a go if I don’t find a solution soon with the Acronis error.
Grateful for your help!