Use cryptomator in low storage device to access very big folder

I am not sure how cryptomator works in android.
It encrypts synced cloud folders.
But in case I have 200GB folder in my cloud (ie Google Drive) and my android device has only 128GB of storage. Can cryptomator help there?
Can cryptomator work as a wrapper of my cloud provider? So I can trough cryptomator preview a photo or read a pdf stored in my cloud, just by loading them in RAM, and then just in case I interested download the file to my android device.
Or instead cryptomator will require at least 200GB of storage in my android device in order to sync that folder?

The mobile apps encrypt and decrypt on the fly (direct access to the vault in your cloud), and only the requested files.
So yes, you can access and read a 200 GB vault on your 128 GB mobile device.

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I thought I was being too optimistic to think cryptomator could decrypt on-the-fly in android.

So I guess even with the cryptomator encryption/decryption on-the-fly it’s required to having installed as well the cloud storage provider client (like google-drive client or mega client apps) in my android device, right?

As I guess we need to have the storage provider client installed in the device in order to sync. Do you know any cloud storage provider, preferable with a non-tracking policy, that has an open-source client and works well with cryptomator? I have a paid account in Proton. So I have like 500GB in Proton Drive, but I think cryptomator does not work with Proton Drive.

No. Cryptomator connects directly to your cloud storage.
If you do not want to have theirs apps installed, you don’t need to.

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Cryptomator works directly with a select set of cloud providers on Android:


Proton drive if my memory serves correctly has its own client server end-to-end encryption algorithms built into their system. You pay a premium price for proton drive because it includes encryption in the product, whereas Google and Microsoft do not.

I don’t see any way for you to access your proton drive from Cryptomator.