Usability proposal

Every now and then I get the following error: “Unlock failed . See log files for details”, which is a perfectly sound message, but what drives me mad is that it doesn’t tell you where the log file is!
Means every other week I have to browse my system to figure where you guys decided to put the log.
/var/log? No…
~/config/Cryptomator? No…
Several “find -name cryptomator.log” iterations later…giving up, let me do a web search…
I see, seems to be so common that it needs a blog post: Where is the log file located?

Wouldn’t it be so much more user friendly to say where the log is when you show this message? In a way so one can select the text and paste it straight into a text editor?
Or even better, place a button next to the message which opens the log with the default text editor?

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Imho “Unlock failed . See log files for details” isn’t really a good error messages, since the user has to look at a log and this file is definitely not user-friendly^^

We are currently redesigning the ui of Cryptomator and one of our goals is to make the error messages more understandable. Adding a link in the application to directly open the location of the log file is a good idea, maybe this will find its way into version 1.5.0.

Thanks for the suggestion!