Urgent ! Cannot open excel file stored in vault!


Suddenly today cannot access my excel file on my pc.

Can access through android which has a paid version of cryptomator as I got a new mobile.

Downloaded in the vault on the pc copy of the same excel file downloaded from android to test and could not open it.

I bought a new PC but did not have any pb with the file.!

Really scary ! Any idea ?

Most sensitive file. Ready to drop Cryptomator.

Thank you for your help.


Im not able to read French error messages (I assume it is French). And i guess lots of other people here also are not.
So if you post your error messages, it might be useful to translate what is says.

You said you can open the file with your android.
Can you send the file to your pc (email, ftp, whatever) and try to open the file? Result?

And as the file is sensitive for you, im pretty sure you have a backup of it. Does this backup open on your pc without any problems?

Yes it’s french :wink:
First pic says impossible to open the file.
Second says cannot open file for different possible reasons ( name does not exist or file name incorrect, file used in another program, excel workgroup open elsewhere).

Already tried downloading the same file but could not open it with pc.

The main question is: why can I open it via my android phone and not through my pc ?

Thanks for your answer.

do you open the file directly from the vault, oder do you open a local copy?

I don’t understand your question or where are the copies.

The vault is in my dropbox.

Open your vault with the pc App
Copy the excel file from the vault to a local place.
Open the local stored excel file.
Can it be opened now?

Yes I did and can open it without pb.

Any solution ?

Assume that you are on windows and not on an apple PC, this might be the cause, and the solution:

My english and my technical understanding are limited.

Yes it is a windows PC. Yes it is Office 2010.
I did not encounter this pb before.

Does it mean I shall renonce using Cryptomator because besides pdf and pictures most of my files are Office word or excel ?

You can try the 1.4 Beta that is linked in the post above and use dockany instead of Windows WebDAV as network client. Or you disable windows upload center.

I have the exact same problem.

It ONLY occurs when the PC does not have internet connection.

The vault can be mounted. Office files cannot be opened unless the PC is online.
BUT files can be copied to a local unencrypted folder and opened without issues.

Excel is latest version of 365 Click-and Go install (Versoin 1903) 64bit.
Windows is Win10 x64 Enterprise 1803