Uploading Folder

Why I cannot upload folders from my phone. No problem uploading files but I want to upload folders. Is this possible? Thanks.

Folder upload is not possible. A feature request already exists. See here Copy folders (not only single files) into vault on Android not possible?

I am relatively new to Cryptomator and I love the product so far.

This functionality is something I would really like as well, but the feature request on Github has been quiet since September '17.

Any plans to implement this? Thanks.

Recursive uploading of a folder is a planned feature and already on our roadmap.

We will implement this feature but I can not say any ETA because there are other features with higher priority for the Android app that are implemented before this one.

Please stay tuned.

Hi SailReal, what’s the situation about folders upload?
Is this function almost ready?
Me and a everybody else here need it!! :grin:

First. Thx for taking the time to read us and answer us.

Other features with higher priority?
I though it was top priority! Your app rocks but I think this is a must!
Fortunately I use cryptomator mainly on desktops linux and windows.

Thank you anyway, we know developing is a hard work.

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Cmon, uploading folder is really a must, I have hundreds of notes placed in a folder waiting to be uploaded by cryptomator. It’s a core feature…Realize it, please…