Copy folders (not only single files) into vault on Android not possible?

Hey everyone,
I’m probably missing something obvious here, so bear with me :slight_smile:
I’ve got the cryptomator app installed on a moto g5 with lineageOS 14.1 and tried both of the approaches below with the default file manager and also with fx file manager, but I failed to copy a folder into a vault (i.e. encrypt it).

  1. approach: From within the cryptomator app and an unlocked vault I selected “upload file”, but when navigating through the file manager I’m only able to select file (as the name suggests) but can’t upload/encrypt an entire folder with contents.

  2. approach: From within one of the above mentioned file managers and clicking and holding on an item, I can only get the share->cryptomator option for files. Again, I can’t select a folder to be uploaded/encryted.

Is there anything, that I’m missing or is this a feature that is not implemented (yet) in this otherwise great app?

Thanks and regards,

You can upload multiple files at once but the folder sync isn’t implemented at the moment.

There is an issue on Github which tracks this feature request: