Upload Directly Encrypted to Google Drive with Cryptomator?

Hello, I am a newbie. How to fully transfer files to Google Drive with Cryptomator. i.e. don’t leave a copy of it on my hard drive?

I have a bad hard drive and need to transfer all my files encrypted to Drive before I have to money to buy a new hard drive . I saw the beginner tutorial on Youtube with Dropbox. I followed that with Google Drive. I have to drag my files to a new vault folder on hard drive to sync up with Google. That means I have to create another copy of my files on my hard drive before it could sync/transfer to Google. So now I have two copies of the same files on my hard drive.

How do I setup Cryptomator and Google Drive to just upload directly encrypted to my on-line storage without leaving a copy behind on my computer?


You might want to check out Cyberduck or Mountain Duck. They added support for Cryptomator vaults and upload files directly.

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