Upgraded to 1.5.1 Version, Opened In Android Cryptomator which in result removed all files from OneDrive


on Windows 10 upgraded to new version 1.5.1 (also provided small financial support). but I am not pleased. After I opened in Android Cryptomator, container opened successfully but I was not able to se anything on the phone, but what is much worse, the bug removed all my data from OneDrive, which result started removing my data from onedrive. Luckily I have backups and Also Onedrive blocked mass removen. Not Good :frowning:

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Using your Android phone, you unlocked the vault, “Empty vault” was displayed and then all files and folders were deleted by the android app?

Edit: Can you please also send the log file? How do I enable debug mode on Android?

  1. Yes, After the upgrade on Windows 10, everything looks fine.
  2. I have installed app on Android (in past time i changed mobile phone, but do not have sufficient time to install all app
  3. Opened valut, with password and looked for files, there were no files.
  4. Went back to PC, and have seen OneDrive icon is “circling” with warning that I have recently removed 500 files. And lot of files were waiting to be deleted.
  5. Sorry I do not want to reproduce issue, I am in middle of project, to risky for me, now I am putting “in freeze” android app.

Before you unlocked the vault on Android, did you make sure that all the files were synced to the cloud? So not that this would be a problem for the Android app if you unlocked it while upgrading on the desktop app but just to rule out that the sync client was still doing the changes on the vault migration which would explain why files and folders are renamed (or if the sync client does not support it, created and deleted).

Could you send us the log without reproducing the problem?

Edit: Just installed the OneDrive client on my virtualized Windows and checked that the client does renames and moves.


yes, I also noticed renaming lot of files in OneDrive, after i reverted action of removing files from OneDrive.

It will be good to notice users that after the upgrade there will be massive action of rename of files. I know there is notice before upgrade, that all files need to be synced, but once the upgrade of valut is done, user get felleing that everithing is OK (that is change only of valut)

How i Can send you the logs ? Where are stored ?

Could you please have a look into the “Trash” online in OneDrive and check the path of the deleted files. If I’m right all deleted files and folders are placed in the m folder .../your_vault/m/... as well as the m folder itself, what would be intended and be part of the migration process.

Thanks for the feedback :+1: , we’ll discuss that.

  1. Go to the splash screen in the Cryptomator app (start screen)
  2. Open “Settings”
  3. Tap on “Send log file”
  4. Choose your mail app and send an email to the Cryptomator team

You can not access the log file with e.g. a file browser directly because they’re stored in the app internal storage to prevent unauthorized access (unless your device is rooted).

  1. There is no button “Sned Log Files” or similiar in Czech versionScreenshot_1
  2. Yes "m"folder contains 600 hundreds files (lng file), seems to me like a headers of each files, which corresponds 600 deleted files according one drive (not sure if one drive warned me for 500 or 600 hundreds).
  3. Also the time of folders correspond to the time of issue.

@SailReal refers to the mobile application.

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Sorry, done, belive

you can pair it (same email account like registration email)

If you’ve a look into our security architecture, before the 1.5.X the m folder was used for name shortening. In the 1.5.0 we introduced vault format 7 which handles name shortening in another way so the files/folders were migrated and the m folder deleted during migration.

That means that your file deletion was part of the migration process and has nothing to do with the Android app


Thank you for explanation. Now It is clear. Just users can be scared :slight_smile: Now I checked the Android App and I can se all the files. Thank you for Great Support.

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