Update the vault?

Hi, I was using version Cryptomator-1.5.17 for Windows 7 because the following ones doesn’t work anymore. When migrating to Windows 10, installing version 1.6.4 Cryptomator asks to update the vault… What is this all about? It takes a long time? Demand to reprocess all files? Is it reversible? Can you open the vault updated with the old version of Cryptomator? I still use the old version even on Windows 10…

If it has to encrypt all the files again I’m afraid it’s going to suck as I have a lot of heavy files in the cloud. And sometimes Google Drive itself bugs when you open a file that hasn’t completely downloaded.


No (see blog post)

No (see blog post).

Yes, as there are only little changes. But you have to do it manually. There’s no roll back button. In case of any doubt: do your backups. These allow to roll back anything.


So to revert I just need to backup masterkey.cryptomator and replace it?

Actually, this time the migration is reversible, see [1.6.x] Downgrade to 1.5.x. But that is an exception, in general a vault format migration is not reversible.

Yes. But the pre-migrated masterkey file needs to be backuped.