Unison + Cryptomator + Webdav problems

Hi everyone.

I am using Cryptomator to encrypt my cloud content and have some problems that probably result from the combination of the software I use.

I have a Strato Hidrive cloud that is mounted as a Webdav (https) network share to a Win10 laptop. On this share I created the Cryptomator encrypted vault which is then accessed via the unencrypted Dokany drive. To synchronize the unencrypted files from the harddisk to the unencryted Crytomator drive I use Unison because I used it for years and prefer its way to detect and visualize changes. This is because multiple people access the cloud and it happens quite often that changes are made on the cloud and a local computer which need to be synchronized.

The problem ist that Unison reports something like this:

Failed: Error in querying file information:
Nicht genügend Systemressourcen, um den angeforderten Dienst auszuführen.

This happens only sporadically for some files and for some bigger files all the time. I tried to find the problem by removing one of the the involved partners (Webdav, Cryptomator, Unison) and in all combinations the problem disappears. So when I create the vault locally (without Webdav) everything works ok. Also when I use Unison to sync directly to the Webdav cloud (without Crytomator = unencrypted) everything works ok. And when I remove unison and copy the files directly to the Cryptomator drive using the Windows Explorer everything works ok.

So I have no idea who is causing the problem. Perhaps someone here can help me.

Best regards

You may find your answer here: File System Scan / Comparison Error

Hi infeo,
thank for the link. Increasing the timeout and threads value solved must of the transfer problems. Only the very big files (> 4GB) still have the same problem. But I think this is a WebDAV limit of the Strato network share.
Best regards

No, this is a knows WebDAV issue.