4 GiB file size limit on virtual drive

Sadly, Windows cannot handle files larger than 4 GiB via WebDAV. Since the virtual drive is currently based on WebDAV, no files larger than that can be encrypted using Windows Explorer.

That said, Cryptomator can easily handle much larger files if the vault is accessed using some better software, such as Cyberduck. Here is a guide on how to do that: Can I use alternative WebDAV clients?

We’re trying to work around this limitation by providing the virtual drive using some other technology than WebDAV in future versions. The progress is documented on GitHub.

To understand it correctly:
When using the desktop app cryptomator, the vault is mounted via WebDAV from the application. Thats why FAT is shown as the file system? And thats why no files larger than 4 GiB can be copied to the mounted drive?

Yes, only Windows shows WebDAV mounts as FAT file systems. Other WebDAV clients are capable of writing larger files.

Info for this Thread as well:

How about Mountain Duck?
Is it able to handle files larger than 4GB?

I’m working with Windows and I have mounted a Fileshare as Z:
There I have installed a safe that finally appears as Y:

Yes, Mountain duck instead of windows WebDAV should work as well. See linked post above:

does not work here, i tried to upload a 4.8 GB file and it stops at 2GB

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