Unable to unlock vault on a gvfs mounted WebDAV share

When you see the error “Mounting failed. See log file for details.”, please look inside the log file for errors.

If your vault is located on a WebDAV share and you mounted this share using gvfs (this is the standard in most Linux systems when you use the default file browser), unlocking a vault may fail.

If you have this problem the logfile will contain something like
/run/user/1000/gvfs/dav:host=localhost,port=46111,ssl=false,prefix=%2Ftest/test2/masterkey.cryptomator: Operation not supported

The problem is caused by an upstream bug in the JDK, as described here.

A workaround is to mount the share using:

mount -t davfs -o uid=username http://host:port/path /user/chosen/directory

Please note that username is your username on your linux system in this case - not the username you use to login on the WebDAV server.

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