Unable to unlock vault: Cannot Install Driver

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because we just recieved another support message saying this, i finally decided to write short thread about the problem with the error message: Cannot install driver.

This error is directly related to a third-party application, which Cryptomator uses to let you access your vault: Dokan(y). It is a third-party, virtual filesystem provider for Windows, such that your unlocked vault is well-integrated into the system and ships with the Cryptomator installer.

In order to work, during installation Dokan adds a windows device driver to the system. Due to the deep integration of such a driver, you need to restart your computer. This is also required, if you update Dokany.

If this does not solved the problem, please search your log files for the following lines:

13:33:43.066 [App Background Thread 004] INFO  com.dokany.java.DokanyDriver - Dokany version: XXX
13:33:43.066 [App Background Thread 004] INFO  com.dokany.java.DokanyDriver - Dokany driver version: XXX

The XXX are the versions of the regarded Dokany component. Of interest is here especially the driver version. If it is 0, Dokany is not properly installed and you need to remove it. After uninstall and reboot, check if the file dokan1.sys does not exists anymore under C:\Windows\System32\drivers\. If not, the uninstallation was incomplete and you need to remove it manually:

Short Update: I just installed Dokany 1.4.0 on a fresh system and did not needed a restart. Hence, it might also depend on the version or is only required if you update Dokany. I will update this post if there is more info. :thinking:

Should we be keeping Dokany updated outside of what’s distributed with the Cryptomator installer?

In this particular case, is there anything in Dokany 1.4.0 that would benefit us currently?

If everything works well, there is no need to upgrade. Of course, due to Windows Updates or Security fixes, it should be done, but then we will also release a new hotfix version of Cryptomator.

Not that I know. See their changelog for possible fixes/improvements.

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