Unable to open my vault even after providing right password and no data is altered. Help me Dev

Developer team, i created a vault and was using it. Recently i have formatted my android 10 phone to factory settings. I copied my cryptomator vault to my laptop and then restored it. I didn’t delete any file from this vault even did not open this folder.
Now when i choose my existing vault and enter my correct password it does open nothing and a warning pop up for a little time " an error occurred".
What to do?

Please enable debug mode, try to open the vault and send us the log file:

Should i use this email to send log file support@cryptomator.org???

I’ve sent log file please do something. This is the second time i got in this mess.
Before , when i upgrade cryptomator in my pc then it became inaccessible there. Luckily i have all data in my phone. 2nd here it is .

I highly assume that your vault folder is the root folder of the “cloud”. See this issue in Github fore more details:

Let me tell how i produce this.
I make a Vault in my mobile internal memory.
Then i sync it with syncthing with my pc and in pc i save it to the location where it is automatically get uploaded in Sync cloud.
Later i removed syncthing.
Later i upgrade my pc version cryptomator. And here my vault become inaccessible. Which was accessories in previous version.
Now my mobile vault , i moved it here and there but it is accessible in every device and everywhere.
Now 2days ago i copied my vault to laptop and then hard reset my mobile.
I copied back vault in my mobile and then try to open it and it shows me error now.
This is the whole process sir.

From the log, it seems that not all files/folders are currently in the vault folder of the phone. Cryptomator does not find the encrypted root folder because it does not exist.

Can you make sure that all files and folders of the vault are actually on the phone, that there were no errors while copying/syncing?

sir, my vault was working 2 days ago when i copied vault to pc to format my phone.
i used adb pull and push command to copy it . i don’t know if it is possible that adb don’t copy certain type of files.

In the current Cryptomator version on your mobile phone (1.5.10), we unfortunately cannot see which folder in the file system exactly the app is missing; this was implemented in the next beta (1.5.11-beta1), which sadly is not yet available in the Google Playstore.

If you transfer the folder as it is to the PC again, can you open the vault there?

no sir it is not opening there. but i created same vault backup of this folder in sd card and another phone both are working fine . but after moving to pc and moving back to phone it stopped working.

but i repeated the same thing with same vault ( which i backed up earlier)
i copied it with the adb pull command to my pc. and it is working fine. i copied it back to my mobile and it is still working.
that’s why cryptomator becomes unreliable for me sir. sorry for this but i lost my data for the sencond time (luckily i have created backup).

Then everything sounds like something went wrong when copying the folder.

You could verify this by comparing the two folders (from the sd card which is accessible and the other one), e.g. under Linux with:

diff -q folder_1/ folder_2/

I highly recommend to create always backups and also different type of backups.