Unable to mount with NetDrive 1.3.4


I try to mount the unlocked vault with netdrive 1.3.4, but without success.
I copied the URL, set the Port as in the settings of Cryptomator, but Netdrive also needs an Account and a password.
Any suggestions for the correct settings?


Did you copy the WebDAV URL as described here?

I just unlocked the vault, didn’t mount it.
I copied the URL to NetDrive. If I copy the URL to CarotDAV it works.

The reason why I want to use NetDrive is the 4GB Limit in Windows WebDav. In a NetDrive mounted volume I can open a big file directly. In CarotDav I have to download it before.
Does anybody have working settings vor NetDrive?
Or another tool to mount a vault without 4GB Limit?

Best regards

I’ve read in this board that some people use Mountain Duck

Just use any combination.

Cryptomator doesn‘t check HTTP authentication headers. As long as netdrive runs on the same computer and can acces Cryptomator‘s WebDAV interface via localhost and the full URL is used, you‘re fine.