Unable to Launch Mac Version Built from Source

Hello Cryptomator Community! I’m facing an issue with building the Mac version of the software from source for development. After installing OpenJDK 19, Maven, and the JavaFX runtime (through the Liberica JDK) and downloading the Github repository, I was able to build successfully, but once I try to run launcher.sh, I got the error java.lang.module.FindException: Module org.cryptomator.desktop not found.

After searching on these forums, I got a topic that suggested I copy the launcher.sh file into the target folder and cryptomator-1.6.16.jar into target/mods. Upon doing this and running launcher.sh again, I got a different error: Error occurred during initialization of boot layer: java.lang.module.FindException: Module javafx.controls not found, required by org.cryptomator.desktop.

If anyone has any insight for troubleshooting this, it would be greatly appreciated!

I was able to successfully run launcher.sh by doing the same process above by directly downloading the repository via the “Download ZIP” button on Github, rather than through the releases, so the issue appears to be fixed in one of the latest commits. Thanks so much!