Unable to add an existing local vault on Android using EMUI (Huawei)

I also have the Vault is root folder of the cloud connection error.
I have the cryptomator folder called “backup” on a USB stick. If I just go to the USB stick and select it as a Cloud service I cannot see the “backup” folder, and thus not choose the Masterkey for the vault. If I on the other hand choose the “backup” folder as a cloud service then I can see the Masterkey, but get the error message.

It does work as described when I test it on a Samsung S6 lite however

I’m using a Huawei Mate 9

That is very very weird. Just a random test: When you create a folder in the USB stick called e.g. foo and move this backup folder into foo (/foo/backup), if you now add foo as cloud connection, can you add backup as vault? Just to rule out that the root folder is treated differently by the OS of your Huawei Mate 9…

Then it works ok. Strange, so the root folder of the USB stick is not treated as a “normal” folder?

The Android version is 9, but it is running an EMUI 9.1 (supposedly something developed by Huawei itself)


In modern Android versions it is indeed not allowed for an app to choose the root folder (and some other system folders) of the internal, external or an mounted storage for privacy reasons:

(USE THIS FOLDER is not clickable (greyed out) while selecting a root folder as cloud connection)

But in your case, you’re able to choose the folder but the listing shows an empty folder which is weird and what I would credit to Huawei’s OS which has some other weird bugs as well.

Ok, thank you for the help in solving this /Björn

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