Ubuntu + Google Drive: Vault shown empty after Migration


So I resintalled my OS. I moved from windows to ubuntu. My cryptomator drive is stored on my google drive. I added my google account to the ubuntu settings, and now it appears as a network drive.
I then opened Cryptomator, and added the master key, it said I need to upgrade the vault, so I did.
But it is empty now.

My only guess is that google drive downloads the files on demand, and crytpomator doesnt detect this, so it takes it as being empty, and just destroyed the folder and made a new blank one.

Please can we stop upgrading the vault format everytime I install cryptomator, and then I loose my files. Years of content that is very hard for me to gather/setup again all gone.

Is there anything I can do to recover the files?

The migration from vault 7 to vault 8 does nothing more than edit the Masterkey file and create the new vault.Cryptomator file.
I am pretty sure your problems hate caused by incomplete sync or unavailable files.
You can roll back if you want to: [1.6.x] Downgrade to 1.5.x
But I am pretty sure this will not solve your problem.

You can try to deactivate files on demand (although this should not cause problems) or copy your vault to the machine to test if it is a sync problem or not.

Further more there is no migration everyone you install Cryptomator. The migration is done because it seems you switched from app version 1.5 to version 1.6 during the change of the OS.

There are reports in this board of people struggling to set up a google sync on Ubuntu. Maybe here’s a hit for a solution as well.
E.g. Google Drive over Ubuntu one account

Thanks for the info!

Is it possible that the vault file says there are no files in the vault? Then one has a vault, but no vault file corresponding to it? Kind of like data on a harddrive with no file allocation table?

Not really the vault file but in general it can happen, as we encrypt/obfuscate the directory hierarchies, it is possible that a vault folder shows empty if the root folder isn’t synced correctly from the cloud (empty folder) which then appears for Cryptomator to be an empty vault. If the vault file doesn’t match the Masterkey file an error would be shown. So I highly assume as @Michael already mentioned, that something isn’t correctly synced.

You could also have a look into the log file if you see there something suspicious: