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Hi… I’ve been using Cryptomator since 2017, best apps! Thanks for developing it.
Anyway, .tmp folders showed up in my Android phone, I tried to delete it but it keeps coming back. tmp folders show up only in my android phone but not in my desktop system. How to delete it? Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks

MSI temp folders are created by microsoft installers usually - e.g microsoft office makes them during patches/updates.

They are not produced by cryptomator. A program you a running is using the Cryptomator mounted drive as a temporary path.

It’s likely these are being created on the desktop , but you can not see them as they may be flagged as hidden or system folders.


Update: You can easily delete the .tmp folder by doing a simple procedure.

  1. Open the .tmp folder in your android. You will get this notification.

  1. In your desktop, locate that folder and delete (Make sure Cryptomator vault is closed).


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@boyett thanks for your feedback.
We enhanced the deletion process, that you can delete folders without a directory-file:

We will publish this with the next release!

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