The vault is empty after launching from AppImage on Ubutun 20.04

Hi guys.

After download and launching Cryptomator from AppImage, I can’t see anything of my files and directories in my vault. I have my Google account sync with Ubuntu.

When I open my vault from Android, all my documents are ok.

System information

  • Cryptomator version: 1.6.5 (appimage-3397).
  • Ubutun version: 20.04

Some suggestion? or maybe I missed some step?


Have you tried to add an existing vault to the new instance of Cryptomator on Ubuntu?


Yes. I see that my Google Drive opens in the Network section and probably the Cryptomator doesn’t find the directory root, but I can add an existing vault on this path.


Same problem here on Mint, with any version of Cryptomator.
No folders, no files.

The gdrive integration of Ubuntu is build atop GVFS. Unfortunately, Cryptomator does not work reliably with it, hence the error. See also Unable view files in Linux · Issue #2032 · cryptomator/cryptomator · GitHub on our issue tracker.

Alternatives for integrating gdrive are discussed in the thread Google Drive with Linux.