Google Drive with Linux

Google drive dose not sync with a Linux OS.
To sync to my Manjaro OS so that I could use Cryptomator I used 'grive-tools’

I used ‘grive-tools’ from the Arch AUR repository and it works fine, now I can use
Cryptomator to sync files to Google Drive,
Hope this my help some one…


I’ve had success mounting Google Drive on Linux Mint 18.2 using google-drive-ocamlfuse. It’s available via Software Manager by searching for “google drive” or on GitHub:

After mounting Google Drive through ocamlfuse, you can select the masterkey and use Cryptomator to encrypt and decrypt.

google-drive-ocamlfuse doesn’t work perfectly, and is slow, but it does work. I will try the ‘grive-tools’ as well to see how it compares.


I strongly recommend you to use ODrive client for Google Drive.