"The file has properties that can't be copied"


This has been a ongoing as of late. This happens every single time when I try to drag and drop a pdf document(s) from Dropbox to Cryptomator on a windows machine. ( I have not tested dragging and dropping the document from Dropbox to the desktop then into Cryptomator, nor on a different operating system ).

This was never an issue until lately.

I am also having issues with MacOS where Cryptomator has become nearly impossible to use. Where just navigating files within Cryptomator causes major freezes to the file system; which again was never an issue.

I guess some obvious trouble shooting steps would be:

  1. Restart my computer
  2. Uninstall and Reinstall Cryptomator
  3. Reproduce the same issues on a different Operating System ( though I am going to assume it has something to do with my specific computer configuration )

It seems as though there is already a ticket open for the former problem as well but there was no response to his/her ticket so I do want to make it aware that this in fact is an actual issue.

Regarding file properties: I can confirm the error message “The file has properties that can’t be copied” on files I copy from Dropbox. If I copy the same files from OneDrive I don’t get that message.


File in OneDrive -> vault in Onedrive = OK
File in OneDrive -> Dropbox -> vault in Onedrive = error
File in Dropbox -> vault in Dropbox = error
File in OneDrive -> vault in Dropbox = OK

[Windows 10]

Same problem here…
But I can’t copy any documents (not only pdfs) to the vault.

I use cryptomator 1.4.6. with One Drive on Windows 10. From the phone it’s no problem to copy files into the vault.

To summarize: When the file was located in Dropbox before, you get this warning. The location where the vault is stored doesn’t matter.

I think this “additional property” that can’t be copied might be the small Dropbox “checkmark” icon indicating whether the file’s sync state.

The reason of this error message is explained here:

As explained in the linked answer, Cryptomator is a file system that only supports standard attributes.

See my post on this here:

Probably related to alternate datastreams.

I had the same issue when copying files from my tresorit folder to my cryptomator vault. The files would copy normally before syncing to tresorit but if I tried to copy them after they were synced I got the warning message.
by the way:

  • I didn’t have it when copying files from my oneDrive folder
  • I first thought it might be related to WebDAV so I switched to FUSE (via winFSP 2022)
  • I tested with .pdf, .jpg files